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48x150cm, Washed 60% European Masters of linen -linen and 40% bio-organic cotton

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The VARPU design was created in collaboration between Aalto University and Lapuan Kankurit and was designed by Matilda Palmu. Matilda"s goal is to design products that have a message, be it just a friendly "hello, smile, it"s not that serious". Matilda pulls her inspiration from many different avenues, but mostly she becomes exhilarated by colours and materials. The first signs of spring are the catkins: the dangling flower clusters are the inspiration for the VARPU series. In our collection we have an ease-care runner (48x150 cm) and a multipurpose towel (48x48 cm), which is suitable as a cloth or a napkin. The products are made of bio-organic cotton and European linen and are woven in our own weaving mill in Lapua, Finland.

Text: Lapuan Kankurit

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