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Ahorn, Silberhaken, Länge 7cm

There they are, our Favorite earrings, and rightly so. When Kaija designed the Forget-Me-Not, she probably didn’t know what a classic she was creating – that it would bring joy and sweetness to people for decades to come. The Favorite is full of motion and energy, and it swings and sways along with you in your everyday life. They would surely look even lovelier on your favorite person, or on your favorite you.

The hand-dyed Favorite earrings are made of cut-to-shape wood. They’re light on the ear. Available in different colors. Combine them with other pieces in the collection, or pair them with the Favorite pendant.

Material: Maple, jewellery metal, silver studs. Measures: Length 4 cm.
Handmade in Finland.

Text: aarikka

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