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Holz, 9cm

The sun would set soon, and that was the best time to sit by the lake. Elsa thought it looked funny when the sun seemed to sink into the lake – even though Elsa knew that the sun would probably go out if it sank underwater. Elsa had to run to make it in time, and it managed to run for about five feet before stumbling into Istuja (Sitter), who was just sitting on the ground. 

“What are you doing!” Elsa shouted, falling over and losing its temper. “Sitting?” Istuja replied, confused, as it seemed quite obvious what it was doing at that moment. Istuja looked at Elsa, as the small elf wiped its knees and was all fire and brimstone. “You can’t just sit! Stand up sometimes! Or lie down! Or stand on your head!” Elsa raged on, but Istuja just kept sitting. “There’s no rush”, the elf replied, patting the ground next to it. Elsa huffed, but sat down next to Istuja. “Well, here we are!” Elsa snapped, breaking the silence. “Where else would we be?” Istuja replied. “When you’re sitting down, you’re exactly where you should be.”

Istuja frost elf is made of wooden beads and wears a cap made of felt. The frost elf has two arms and legs and is sitting down. Istuja wears a light scarf around its neck. 

Color: Gray-wood
Material: Maple, felt, merino wool
Size: Height 9 cm
Handmade in Finland.

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