Kota Wollschal 20x160 Dunkelgrau

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KOTA scarves are a luxurious blend of merino and wool. The scarf has a restrained design and a beautiful texture. A merino wool scarf is a great gift for men. KOTA scarves are woven in our own weaving mill in Lapua. 

This product is made out of high quality, fine South American wool fibre and Australian merino wool fibre. Wool is mulesing free and we work only with certified spinning mills. All yarns are spun as well as dyed in Europe according to REACH regulations and fulfil the ÖKO-TEX certificate requirements.

Our strategy is to be responsible for the whole production from yarn to readymade products. Main part of our whole production is made in our own weaving mill in Lapua.

Text: Lapuan Kankurit

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