Pillow Mini Taifuuni Handtasche Pink


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15 x 17 x 9 cm,  100 % Polyester

The padded Pillow Mini shoulder bag is made of recycled polyester and it features the topstitched Taifuuni pattern. The quilted bag has a padded handle and a padded shoulder strap that can be tied to the right length. The bag closes with a zipper and has a zipper pocket on the inside. The Marimekko “M” is embroidered on the front.

Designed by Maija Isola, Taifuuni (typhoon) belonged originally to a series of patterns based on photographs depicting parts of the human body. The starting point for the Taifuuni pattern was the curve of the shoulder. The model for the photographs was the designer’s daughter.

Text: marimekko

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