Tiiliskivi Polsterbezug 40x60 Linen/Gold


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40x60cm, 63 % Linen, 37 % Viscose, Washable at 30°C

Made from a slightly thicker linen and viscose blend, this cushion cover features the golden Tiiliskivi pattern, which is printed using metal pigment in Helsinki. The cover has a zipper on one side. It is natural for linen to create pilling when it is washed. Removing the lint and ironing the fabric will restore its original look. To reduce washing wrinkles, wash separately at 30 degrees Celsius and avoid overloading the washing machine.

46% of the linen used in this fabric is recycled.

The Tiiliskivi (brick) pattern was designed by Marimekko’s founder Armi Ratia in 1952. The pattern reflects her belief in the simple beauty of everyday life.

Text: marimekko

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